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This outlines a typical 3-5 day training course for licensees. This presumes that the people attending have seen the Demo and understand the basic philosophy behind HeroEngine. However, the first day generally covers much of the same ground, but focuses on practical world building, and trainees participate by doing many of the things discussed.

A typical day generally starts at 10-11 am and continues to 6 pm, with lunch provided. Hours can be modified for a team, depending on specific needs and how well that the information is being absorbed.

The breakdown by "days" here is tentative only. Specific topics will be tailored to the needs of your team.

Day One: Introduction to the HeroBlade Environment

HeroBlade Overview

Day Two: Art pipeline, characters

On this day, students generally follow two different tracks, depending on their specific interests:

Day Three: HSL, and more HeroEngine systems

Day Four: Followup and More In Depth

Day Five: Game management, customer service, future implementation

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