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Terrain brushes are another name for the various options on the Terrain panel, which are used by area-builders to modify heightmap nodes by raising, lowering, texturing, and other options.

Terrain brushes can be selected by clicking directly on the appropriate button on the Terrain panel, or they can also be accessed via the following keyboard shortcuts.

Terrain brush modes

Button Shortcut Name
Edit height.png CTRL+1 Edit Height
Raise lower.png CTRL+2 Raise/Lower
Soften.png CTRL+3 Soften
Terrain level icon.png CTRL+4 Level/Ramp
HeroBladeStitchEdges.png CTRL+5 Stitch
Terrain cut.png CTRL+6 Cut Holes
HeroBladeSplitHeightmap.png CTRL+7 Split
Terrain billboard.png CTRL+8 Billboard
TextureButton.png CTRL+9 Texture
VertexPainter.png CTRL+0 Color
Terrain dyn detail.png CTRL+- Dynamic Details
CloneTool.png CTRL+= Clone
Eraser.png CTRL+Backspace Eraser


Terrain brush shapes

NoFallOffBrush.png Flat
ConeFallOff.png Pointed
Round terrain icon.png Circle
Square.png Square

Terrain Slope Limiter


This part of the Terrain Panel can be used to narrow the range of elevation your brush will paint.

Pulling the blue handles will limit the elevation where the brush will work.

Right-clicking on a handle will invert the slope-limiter.

Right-clicking outside of one of the handles, such as in the green or red portion, will reset the slope back to default.

For more information, see Terrain panel.

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