Hero's Journey Reference World

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The Hero's Journey Reference World, or HJ Ref, is an example MMORPG that the developers of HeroEngine were in the process of developing when the company decided to work full time on the HeroEngine. The game itself is incomplete, but has some excellent reference material showing how aspects of the engine can be used together. Examples of most core systems are present in the HJ Ref world, and we encourage you to take any code from it you find useful and use it in your own project.

Character systems, especially dynamic, and ones that use Facegen, are well used in HJ Ref. GUI elements and core systems like quests and inventory are also present, but we suggest not implementing combat in an identical fashion to HJ Ref, as much of it is put together for Demonstration purposes and relies far too much on synchronous connections to the server to be viable at a massive scale.

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