Fireup Daemons

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A Fireup Daemon is a piece of software which runs on a hardware server. The Fireup Daemon is what allows that server to be recognized by HeroEngine.

Fireup Daemons are generally given the same name as the name of the hardware server.

Each Fireup Daemon is designated as being a part of a Server Group, which is how the hardware servers themselves are assigned to different groups


To modify a Fireup Daemon's Server Group, click on the Edit Config button in the Master Control Console.

Note: Only full and source licensees will have access to Master Control. For other types of licenses, if a change is required, please contact the HeroEngine team.

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Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

For information on modifying these, see Editing configuration values.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
FireupLogLimitPerInterval integer number of log messages that may be received within the log interval, FireupLogRateInterval, after which log messages are dropped 500
FireupLogRateInterval integer length of log interval in milliseconds; used to control limiting log messages received each interval 5000
FireupApplicationConnectionTimeout integer how long, in milliseconds, the connection can stay open and inactive before being considered disconnected 300000
masterControlTransport string information about the transport protocol to be used for the master control connection tcp:localhost:62455
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