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This tutorial covers the tintable texture system for Dynamic Characters

Dynamic Tintable Texture Bank

This tutorial walks you through making a tintable texture on a Dynamic Character. We will use the example character_sample_dynamic that is included with clean engine as a reference. This character already is set to be tintable, we are just going to use it as a talking point. Let's say for example you wanted to make the clothes of this character tintable.

Step 1 - Make Textures

You need at least 3 textures for a tintable texture bank to work. You need a diffuse, which must be named "_d" as a suffix, a tint map which must be named "_t" as a suffix, and palette texture, which can be any dds file you like, so lone as it is in the correct directory. Optionally, you can have a normal map with a suffix "_n" and also you can have multiple palette textures.



For examples sake, lets say our material is of the name cs_clothes. Inside the Texture Banks folder, you need to make a folder that reflects the name of the material, cs_clothes, to put the textures in. So we would have our diffuse and tint textures here:


Step 2 - Build Material in Max or Maya

Now build a Hero Material in Max or Maya.

Step 3 - Make the dtb file

Tint part cmgr.png

The .dtb file is a text file that has all the information about how this dynamic texture bank should act in the engine. A template .dtb file is located in the grannyexportsettigns folder here. DO not save over this file, copy it somewhere else to edit it. You can start with this file or any others in the dynamic_2/Texturebanks folder in HJ reference.


The following code is the exact dtb file for the character_sample_dynamic characters clothes part, found in clean engine.


This particular dtb file uses all 4 channels, R, G, B, and A as tint channels. It is the only layer, Clothes, and each layer has a default color,palette, and a artist defined Name(UI reads this in the demo character manager) listed with it. Under files list, you textures and what size they are, in this case, 512x512.



     Palette3=Front Logo,default.dds
     Palette4=Back Logo,default.dds

Step 4 - Upload

Upload all the components fo the dynamic texture bank, including, the parts, new textures and folders for the dtb bank, and the par file if it has changed. Now when you go to the clean engine character manager and select the part that has the texture bank set up, you should get some color swatches that allow you to pick colors, using the palettes that you assigned in the dtb, for your character.

For more information on the dtb file itself, look here.

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