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The term Spec Oracle may mean different things, depending on context. In general, a Spec Oracle is a set of definitions (called "specs" or "templates") for different types of Object Specifications. A Spec Oracle contains a set of individualized specs, much as a bookcase would contain individual books. Spec Oracles are a part of the Spec System.

For more information, see: Spec Oracles in the Spec System.

Types of Spec Oracles

The following Spec Oracles are included as part of HeroEngine. More may be added by you, depending on the needs of your game.

A sample screenshot of some Spec Oracle options on the Tools tab of the HotSpot Menu

Managing Specs in each Spec Oracle

Existing Specs can be modified via the HotSpot Menu, on its "Tools" tab. This allows you to open the Spec Oracle Editor, where you can choose one Spec Oracle, and then Add, Edit (View), Glom, or Clone different Specs within it. The specs can be sorted by SpecKey, name, or description by clicking on the appropriate header.

Creating a Spec Oracle

Main page: Creating a New Spec Oracle (Step by Step)

A Spec Oracle is created by creating various classes and methods, linking them to a System Node, and then adding a link to that Spec Oracle's browser/editor in the HotSpot Menu. You then access the Spec Oracle Editor from the Menu.

Adding a Spec Oracle to the HotSpot Menu

In practice, a link to a new Spec Oracle is added to the HotSpot Menu (under the Tools tab). For game-specific additions, this is done via modifying a game-specific GUI Control which is associated with the Menu. For more information, see Modifying the HotSpot Menu.

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