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This page will walk you through the creation of a basic Test Area. Not all sections on this page need to be completed, depending on which tutorials that you wish to work through.


There are many tutorials in this wiki. Some can be run in any area, or any version of HeroEngine. Others may have certain expectations that particular types of assets may already be in the area, or available in the Repository. Some tutorials may also have different steps or results, depending on which version of HeroEngine that you are currently running, or whether you are in a Clean Engine world, the Hero's Journey Reference world, or an in-process world which is being created by your own company.

Creation of a Test Area is not a requirement, as many of the tutorials in this wiki can be run in any area, or any version of HeroEngine. However, for those tutorials that have expectations for certain types of assets in the area or Repository, a Test Area may be useful.


Before working through this page, it is recommended that you have already worked through the Creating an area tutorial. You can then either create a test area in that version of your first area, or make an entirely new area for tutorial purposes.

Create a test area

If you wish to create a new test area

You should now be in an edit instance of your new empty area, with your character standing on a heightmap.

Create terrain

Most tutorials can be done on a new (flat) heightmap, but sometimes having some bumpy terrain can be useful, especially when working through the physics tutorials (so there are hills for things to roll down). A quick way to make terrain is:


There you go, instant terrain! To tweak further, drag up and down around the heightmap, and season to taste.

Add assets

For working through tutorials such as the Physics tutorials, it is helpful to have a few oddly shaped assets:

Add a signpost


This asset will help with various tutorials, such as Local space, testing the properties of physics objects, or providing a convenient tower for the Lightning tutorial.

Add a tree

Note: In the unusual circumstance that your version of HeroEngine does not have SpeedTree software enabled, a similarly sized object can be obtained by adding a signpost, as described above.

Assuming that your installation of HeroEngine does have SpeedTrees enabled:

Load sounds

Glowball particle effect

UnderConstruction.gif in-process

In this section, you will create a particle effect which can be used in other tutorials, such as the Fx tutorial.

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