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Client Console Commands are special commands that are entered via the Console Window. They have various purposes, but usually deal with things that control the HeroBlade client's operation.

Note that Console Commands are different from CLI Commands, even though both are entered via the Console Panel. The way to tell the difference, is that CLI Commands have a prefix such as "/" or "-" or something else, which designates which process's GOM data they are supposed to affect. Console Commands, however, have no prefix.

Most Console Commands are used internally, as the server communicates with the client. They could be typed manually into the Console Panel, but this is usually not necessary, and in fact might cause unintended results.

Console Commands List

This is a partial list of Console Commands which may be useful to developers:

Command Description Syntax
CALL Call a client-side script CALL <scriptname> <functionname>
SCRIPT synonym for CALL  
BEHAVE Changes character behaviors BEHAVE <characterID> <action>
DEBUGLOAD Displays in the Console the current load status of the current Area. Note that if the area is currently fully loaded, there will be no output DebugLoad
repTrace <dudeID|0> Enable replication trace logging for yourself (0) or the specified client (designated by a Dude ID number). Logging is placed in C:\ProgramData\HeroEngine\logs in a file named ReplicationTrace Note that when the reptrace is started, there will be no specific feedback to the Console Panel. To turn the trace logging off, type UnRepTrace <id> RepTrace 0
UnRepTrace 0
TOGGLEMASTERPARTICLEEDIT Disable particle specification ownership checking to enable editing of particle specifications outside of the area in which they were created ToggleMasterParticleEdit
VOIDCOLOR Sets the color of the "void" where nothing else renders VOIDCOLOR #<R>,<G>,<B>,<A>

(where each channel is in the range 0.0 - 1.0; alpha determines bloom amount)

SCREENSHOT Saves a very high resolution screenshot in the Screenshots directory under the client's working directory SCREENSHOT <x> <y>

(if no resolution specified, defaults to 4096 x 3072; maximum is 12228 x 9216). In HEDEV, this would be saved to C:\Program Files\Play.Net\Tools\HEROBLADEHEDEV\Screenshots


: behave 0 input MoveType Swim
: behave 0 input MoveType Normal

: call democmgr rerun

: script elonka dostuff

: voidcolor #1,0,1,0

: screenshot 2048 1536

: reptrace 0
: unreptrace 0

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