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What is the Concept Art Panel

A section of the Scene Analysis panel, where concept art sketches can be selected for comparison

Concept art refers to the preliminary sketches, paintings, or other storyboards which may have been created by artists, prior to the actual implementation of the game and its areas. The Concept Art panel can be used to overlay an image of concept art into the viewport, so that an area designer can compare the created area with the original art.

What does this not do

The Concept Art panel only displays images on the viewport and nothing more. It is purely a design time tool for artists and world builders to compare the concept art against the in game assets.

Loading Concept Art

The Concept Art Panel allows you to specify a location in the Repository where to load images from. This will load all images in that folder and allow you to overlay them on the screen. When a large number of concept art pieces exist it may be helpful to break the images up in to subdirectories of common types. For example each area may have its own folder for art that is related to it.

Displaying Concept Art

Once you have images loaded in the list you can display images on the viewport. Next to each image there is a 3x3 grid of squares. Clicking on one of those squares allows you to pick where on the screen you want the image to be located and will then display the image. In the sample image below the image is selected to display in the middle right of the viewport. Clicking on the the same square where an image is currently being displayed will hide the image.

The scale slider under the folder will scale the currently selected image. This makes it easy to fit many images on the screen at the same time or display one very large.

Conceptart display image.png

Supported Image Types

Currently JPG and BMP images are supported to be displayed as concept art. Other images with different file formats will not appear in the list even if they are located in the specified directory.

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