Common Terminology: The Login Process

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The HeroEngine login process consists of a number of discrete steps.



Login is the entry of username and password.

The username and password are submitted to the HeroEngine User Authentication (HEUAccess) system.

HEUAccess confirms the login as successful, or rejects for a number of reasons, e.g.: invalid login, expired account, account disabled, etc.

If the username and password are accepted as valid and the account is not disabled in some way, HeroEngine contacts the service directory.

Service Directory

The service directory provides the user a list of valid worlds which they have access to, which are then populated into the world selection list.

World Selection

Worlds available to the user may be in one of several states.

SLEEPING - World is currently SLEEPING and inaccessible until it is woken up
WAKING UP - World has been scheduled to be woken up and will transition to SPINNING UP in the next few minutes
SPINNING UP - World is currently in the process of spinning up and will be UP shortly
UP - World is currently running and the user's client matches the version of the world. The world is accessible.
SPINNING DOWN - World is currently transitioning from UP to SLEEPING and can be reawakened once it is SLEEPING
SHUTDOWN - World is intentionally shutdown and can not be woken up automatically
DOWN - World is unexpectedly down and can not be woken up automatically. HeroCloud customers should contact support if this is not the result of scheduled maintenance
OUT - World is UP, but is not available to user's client for login as the service directory has no transports allowing the client to talk to the server
OLDER - World is available for login, but the user's client version number is newer than the server's. Connection to the world is possible with the current client, but depending on the client changes it may corrupt data. It is recommended you not use newer client than the server requires without intimate knowledge of all of the changes involved
NEWER - World is available for login, but the user's client is older (out of date). Connection to the world will not be possible with the current client

Once the world is selected by double-clicking, or selecting the world and pressing "Enter World" button or by waking the world up via "Awaken World" button and then entering the world once it is UP, the user is presented with character creation and selection.

Character Creation and Selection

At this point, the user creates a new character, or selects an existing character to use in the world.

World Entry

Once the user creates or selects a character, the character enters the world.  If the user has created a new character, they enter the world in the area marked as the default area by the character creation process; or, they can select a clean area via an option on the character creation UI.  

If the user selects an existing character, they will re-enter the last area the character was in, at the last position.

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