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Dom Editor Class Definition

For a class to be replicated, it must have replication parameters defined. Each class in the DOM may have replication parameters. When a class inherits from another class, it also inherits the replication parameters of its parent class. The parameters can be set with CLI commands or in the DOM Editor.

Destination Parameters

Destination Class (Server) - The ID or name of the class which this class maps to on the destination node on another area server.

Destination Class (Client) - The ID of the class which this class maps to on the destination node on a client.

Note that destination classes must include the destination fields for all replicated fields or the replication will fail.

Control Parameters

For each field, two flags may be set.

Replicate - This flag indicates that the field is to be replicated.

Initial Set - Setting this flag causes the initial value of the field to be sent with the replication setup message.

In addition to these flags, atomic sets may be defined. Atomic sets are composed of two or more replicated fields. The fields in an atomic set cause all of the fields to be sent when any of the fields has a high enough priority.

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