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The Parenting Toolbar

The Parenting Toolbar is a section of HeroBlade which you can use to Parent an object (the Child) to another object (the Parent -- hence "Parenting"). When an object that has children is moved, rotated, or sized, its children will also reflect those changes.

Example: Say you have a bed and you want to add pillow assets to it. You also want the pillows to move with the bed when you place it in the room. You would create an instance of a bed model, then create instances of pillows, place them on the bed, and Parent the pillows to the bed.

IMPORTANT: When dealing with physics assets, parenting should not be used to parent one dynamic object to another.


Tutorial: How to parent assets

  1. Find the Parenting toolbar
  2. Click on the Instance you want to make the child. (you can also select multiple instances for this step)
  3. Click the "Parent..." button in the Parent Toolbar Parent parentbutton.png (now the children are waiting to be told who their parent is)
  4. Click on the Instance you want to make the parent.
  5. Click the "To" button in the Parent Toolbar.ParentTo parentbutton.png
  6. That's it, now the relationship is established: if you move the Parent Instance, the Child should now move as well.
  7. If you click on the Child Instance, you will see a line drawn to the Parent.


To break the connection between a child and parent:

Handy tips

See also: Keyboard shortcuts

To check on which objects are parented to which other objects:

To duplicate a parent and all its children:

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