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When a character should be walking or running forward, the animation appears to be playing properly, but the character is translating sideways/When a character should be turning, turn animations are playing, but the character remains stuck in place

This could be a problem with the way your Synthetic Root Bone (SRB) is animating in your source file, or it could be that your character mesh has been included in your animation export.

In the source file you’re exporting animations from, make sure the SRB is translating and rotating in sync with the Bip01 bone in the character rig. For walk/run animations, it should translate along with the character and should point in the direction of the translation. In turn animations, it should always point the direction the character is facing.

If the SRB appears to be animating correctly, make sure your character mesh is hidden in the scene when you export your animation. Use the ‘Export Unhidden’ button in the Hero Export utility to ensure the character mesh is excluded.

Is there any lip sync technology integrated?

There is not lip sync built in, however the ability to morph the facial features to phonemes is directly supported (along with any other facial and body morphing). So all that is needed is to drive the morph controls based on some input. You can provide that as a raw data file in whatever format you like, since you can script the driver of the morphs yourself. Alternatively, you could create a plugin that provides this using some other 3rd party technology. For example:

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