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A Bone Tracker Node can be attached to any part of a character's skeleton, and then other nodes are parented to it, which makes the other nodes follow that bone.

It is added via the Create Menu, or in script using the server system node $EDIT:

//_AddAsset() Gets a handle to the asset;
//It is not a problem if that asset is already added; in that case, it just gets the handle.
var btAsset = $EDIT._AddAsset($EDIT._GetBoneTrackerAssetFQN())

btInstance as NodeRef of Class BoneTrackerInstance = $EDIT._AddInstance(btAsset, "bonetrackerinstance", "Default")
//You may need to change "Default" to the name of another room, depending on where it should be placed.

//Set desired properties of instance
btInstance.BoneName = "Bip01"
btInstance.targetinstance = 9223372071648791565
btInstance.PositionOnly = true

//server class Instance has other general fields to set

To attach the node to the skeleton, use the Properties panel for the BoneTracker.

Other nodes can then be parented to the appropriate Bone Tracker Node, via the Parenting Toolbar.

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