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This Feature has been Depricated,The toolbar is now a sub-panel of the Area Panel

The Room Sub-Panels are used in HeroBlade to manage rooms and their respective visibility from each other in your current area. It is integrated into the Area panel.


Toggling this checkbox on will cause all visible rooms other than the current room will be rendered in red. In Seamless World 2.0, areas linked to the current active area are highlighted in blue.
With the Dim Other option, it is easy to see which elements in the viewport are assigned to a different room. In this example, the dark red tint to the house shows that it is assigned to a different room than the landscape around it. This could be fixed by selecting the house and assigning it to the active room instead, by clicking on MovSel in the Room Toolbar.
Toggling the Auto button to on will cause the Current Room to change automatically, based on the camera position.
All rooms in the area are listed in this collection, including the special "everywhere" room. You can select any room as the Current Room from this collection.
Clicking the New button will open the Add Room Dialog and prompt you for the name of a new room to create.
Add Room Dialog
The Visible Menu presents a list of all other rooms in the area, excluding the current room and the "everywhere" room. You can then toggle the check box next to each room to adjust its visibility from the current room.
Visible Room Menu: select all the rooms that should be visible from the current room.
Clicking the MovSel button will move the currently selected object(s) to the Current Room.
Clicking this button will backconnect all visible rooms, to the Current Room. So just as the Current Room can see them, they will also be able to see the Current Room.

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