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The Whitebox World Layout Tools can be used to quickly place basic in engine assets in an area to rapidly prototype that area. These assets function exactly as any other model would in the engine. They can have their color changed, materials/textures applied to them, or even resized to create a scene without having to spend time making full assets. This is very useful for artists and world builders because it allows them get a general idea of how an area should look before they create game specific assets.

It can be accessed on the toolbar by clicking the WhiteboxLayoutToolsButton.png button. Then just select the shape you want and click on it. It will automatically put the asset into the area.
Whitebox Dialog



Ten different shapes are provided that are suitable for prototyping any types of areas quickly.

All of the whitebox assets are sized to be appropriate for a 2 meter character. IE the archways are tall enough that a default character can walk under them.

The simple shapes are as follows:

All of the in engine whitebox assets in an area

Custom Shapes

This screenshot from the Repository Browser shows the proper directory to put whitebox model files to add custom shapes

It is possible to upload your own custom shapes to be used when prototyping areas. Two things must be done to add a new shape:

Once these files are upload to the proper locations new icons will appear in the whitebox tools window for any custom shapes you have uploaded.


Whitebox house sample.png

Whitebox house closeup.png

Whitebox tree example.png

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